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Night Care

We provide staff that are ready:


To help residents get ready and get into bed/settle down for the night.


To provide a high standard of care overnight, including hygiene, continence, mobility, dressing and general care.


To carry out regular checks on residents at intervals determined by the person in charge, and record.


To ensure the residents’ privacy and dignity is maintained at all times


To carry out regular checks on the building at intervals determined by the person in charge with special reference to fire prevention and security.


To answer emergency bells or calls from residents immediately and seek further assistance if necessary.


To assist residents throughout the night with whatever they need, maybe even just for company, reassurance or a refreshment.


To join with the day staff to work as a team in helping prepare residents for bed or assisting them in the morning, as directed by the person in charge.


In the time available between attending to residents undertake domestic duties e.g   preparing for breakfast, table laying, dusting and hoovering as per rota and record tasks undertaken.


To follow and assist with planning individual care by means of care planning.


Please contact Omega Care on  02077083693 to find out more.


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Our Team

Omega Care provides professional staffs throughout London areas. We have access to a various range of professional staff with varying skills and experience. With such a large bank of professional staff available, Omega Care ensure that customers requirements are meet at all times and we can deliver emergency cover at short notice.

Omega Care is able to provide staff for one off cover or long term placements on both a full or part time basis.

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