Domestic Cleaning

   •    If you are selling your property, book a cleaner for a day to clean every room from floor to ceiling and really wow the viewers. Selling your house is a hectic time and handing over the responsibility of cleaning means that you can get on with something else on that never ending to-do list. 

    •    Likewise, if you are moving house, think about hiring a cleaner before you move in. This is the ideal time for a one-off cleaning blitz, while your new home is clear of furniture and clutter. You can make a fresh start when you move in, knowing that there are no dusty corners and that your new home is gleaming from top to bottom. 

    •    Other one-off occasions when you may want a cleaner include after having a party, before having family round for Christmas or birthdays, or if you just need a spring clean. Holidays are great times to book a cleaner - after topping up your tan for a week, you can return to a beautifully clean house.

    •    Regular visits from a cleaner (perhaps weekly or fortnightly) mean that you can really relax about housework. Cleaning agencies tend to fit their visits around your schedule as much as possible. Frequent visits mean that the cleaner can keep on top of the job and because of this, the visits are much shorter than one-off jobs. Before you sign anything, make sure you know if you are being tied into a contract. This might mean you have to give a few weeks' notice to stop the service.



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