Our Vision

Establish a 'Centre of Excellence’ for everyone in need of Care

Provide residents and staff with a warm, friendly, healthy and safe environment to live and work

Respect and value the staff team and Management

Be responsive to individual needs of every service user

Provide the highest quality of care and services, whilst always striving for excellence


Our Values

Omega Care prides itself in:

        providing the highest quality care and support to all

        show absolute compassion to all of our customers and colleagues

        offer all staff the opportunity to excel and achieve

        act with complete integrity and honesty at all times

        recognise and support opportunities for progress

        treats everybody equally

        safeguarding those we care for and those we employ.


Our Care Belief

At Omega Care Consultancy Ltd, we treat each resident as an individual. Each has his or her own life story. They have their own preferences and their own way of living the latter years of their life. In understanding that, we tailor every resident's care plan entirely around their specific requirements, recognising where we can provide for their preferences, lifestyles and routines.

Foremost our care belief is seeing the person for who they are, not their age or condition. Everything we try to do is done with a genuinely caring, person-centred approach.

This approach means:

        working together with you and whoever else you choose (family, friends, neighbour)

        offering you choices about when, where and how you get your supports - and honour those choices

        help you plan better for the present and the future

        help you stay healthy and safe

        help you get involved with groups, organisations and social activities that interest you


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